Healthcare providers are usually knowledgeable of the basics of real estate and well-versed in the benefits of a sound financial investment. They typically devote a great deal of time and effort into their practices and have little opportunity to focus on real estate and related activities. In addition, healthcare providers tend to be demanding of their project professionals and require quality services with competitive pricing.

With over twenty combined years in the commercial real estate development industry, Greystone recognizes these requirements and responds to them with comprehensive project management and unsurpassed attention to detail.

Greystone invests personnel and capital resources in markets where the healthcare industry has an established history and promising development potential. This approach coincides with our investment strategy of steady, controlled growth founded through long-term real estate holdings. We also create ownership structures that encourage client participation and provide for sound economic investments.

Development Services

Ownership Structure Formation


Equity Contribution
and Project Financing

Architect / Contractor Selection and

Land Acquisition and
Site Development

Design and
Construction Management

Leasing and



Project Team Selection

When assembling a project team, we engage only project professionals who are well versed in the complexities associated with medical design and construction. Select architects and contractors are included on our project bid lists after completing a comprehensive qualification process and providing exemplary medical construction credentials. With these professionals, Greystone implements a “hands-on” style of design and construction management. We oversee every aspect of the design process ensuring that quality, functionality and efficiency are the focal points of the architects and engineers. Once the project team is assembled, Greystone functions as the central point of contact and controls the development process throughout the final certification stages.

Project Close-Out

Upon the successful completion of our medical facilities, Greystone follows a regimented closeout procedure to assist with initial occupancy. We utilize our experience to guide our tenants through the transition process enabling them to minimize operational downtime and focus on practice start-up. Furthermore, we maintain direct involvement with our tenants and investment partners beyond engagement of property management to ensure the end product exceeds our clients’ real estate expectations.

Design Management

Greystone offers design consulting to complement the efforts of pre-selected architects, engineers and designers. Our extensive knowledge of medical development allows us to evaluate a prospective property’s site, shell building and interior layout for conformity to our client’s objectives. From parking and market visibility to life safety and patient accessibility, we can locate and recommend facilities that are well suited to healthcare uses and that accommodate the specific needs of our client. While design professionals typically concentrate on elements of code compliancy and creativity, we focus on functionality and efficiency to bring the highest level of profitability to our client’s practices. Our understanding of specialty layouts, staff and patient flow, HIPAA privacy requirements and design and construction coordination adds a level of comprehensive oversight unsurpassed in the healthcare real estate industry.

Project Document Preparation

As part of our document production and negotiation process, Greystone will draft, review and/or negotiate ownership documents, ground leases, declarations, partnership or net profits interest documents, condominium purchase agreements, tenant leases and construction standards on behalf of its clients. We welcome input from our client’s legal and financial advisors with whom we work to effectively create a comprehensive real estate package. We will manage all aspects of the negotiation process from initial drafting through final document execution allowing our clients to maintain focus on managing their medical practice.