Greystone’s approach to brokerage and tenant representation starts with a thorough understanding of the client’s real estate needs and expectations. We initially confirm that our services are well matched for the client and that we will be able to effectively meet their economic and schedule goals. Once the fundamental parameters are established and firmly in place, we utilize our personal contacts, general market knowledge and the latest technology as resources to scour the respective market for the most appropriate options available. We then vigorously represent our client’s best interest to ensure the final agreed upon terms are economically competitive, in effect for the necessary term, and provide for a sound medical office environment.

Brokerage Services


Property Location
and Acquisition

Site Planning,
Rezoning & Permitting


Suite Location and
Space Planning

Tenant Document

Ownership and

Partnership /

Lease Negotiation

Greystone professionals personally negotiate with physicians, practice administrators, attorneys and financial advisors to maintain direct tenant contact and to expedite the document execution process. To support our leasing efforts, we compile information from local markets, nearby hospital campuses, area brokerage firms and competing properties to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the medical office landscape. We then tailor our lease rates, terms and allowances to favorably compete with available comparable options.

Site Selection

Selecting an appropriate site is the foundation for any successful healthcare facility. Our professionals have managed every aspect of site selection including zoning confirmation, developable capacity, floor area ratios (FAR’s), utility accessibility, parking requirements, marketing and visibility, growth opportunity, patient access and permitting. An oversight of any one of these critical components could significantly impact the intended utilization of a site. We thoroughly review these items with our clients prior to the evaluation process to ensure a mutual understanding of the initial property requirements.